New single from My Tiny Robots

Thought I might try my hand at spewing out a tenuous, tabloid style headline – worryingly, I found it a little too easy…

However, what I allude to is of more satisfying fare than you would find in your bog-standard red top. This coming weekend sees the launch of the new single from Edinburgh four piece My Tiny Robots at the Ten Tracks (familiar presence on FHF) base – The Third Door (formerly Medina on Lothian Street). The crossword puzzlers amongst you may have already surmised that Zut Alors is the title of the single and my hack-u-like titular reference.


Ed Stack of Ten Tracks has graced the blog several times in the past and has always served up some damn fine and varied musical delectation. This would appear to be of the usual high standard. If you are in any doubt, have a listen to the re-mix of the Robots’ single by HeeX on SoundCloud.

With a wee bit of luck and favourable winds – we look to speak with the lads about the single and general world domination plans for 2012 – to be served up on FHF as an audio interview in the very near future. If master plate-spinner Ed Stack can find time, we hope that he too can bring the non-initiated up to speed on The Third Door and it’s numerous forthcoming events.

This could shape up to be a wondrous year, unless you are convinced of the more absolute translation of the Mayan prediction for December 2012. Hey, if it’s true we should all party like it’s….you get the general drift?

Look out for more local issues, events and enquiry here on FHF and hoping you and yours are enjoying a fine start to the year!

Video Loves the Radio Star: My Tiny Robots Single Launch

Saturday 14 January – 19.00 – 22.30

The Third Door

45-47 Lothian Street Edinburgh