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Do It In Public

Out in the open

Listen to Lisa Jeffrey of  The Wasteland Collective convince us to ‘Do It In Public’ at their upcoming exhibition. Details of the where and the when can be found below, along with various contact details for the environmentally aware, the terminally curious, or just plain pervy….yes that’s you…we knew the title would get you!

Exhibition poster

Exhibition poster


Do It In Public Interview

Do It In Public

Tent Gallery

Evolution House 78 West Port

Edinburgh EH1 2LE

Friday 19th July from 5-7pm 

The exhibition runs until Friday 26th July.


twitter @wastelands2013


Music: Double Drift by Kevin MacLeod



Pop Goes the Poet…Jesus, Baby!

Neu! Reekie! multi-platformed performance night adds more strings to its bow releasing a single and simultaneously launching a record label this coming weekend. The double-A side single is officially released on August 1st but you can attend the label launch in Edinburgh or Glasgow, or both if you feel so inclined!

Check out the details on their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/neureekie

Thanks to Michael Pedersen for the interview which can be accessed with the following link.


Pirate Party Ahoy…

At the beginning of May, voters across the country will have the opportunity
to elect a raft of new civic leaders to their respective councils. In doing so
they can display their satisfaction or displeasure with the performance of both
grass-roots candidates and their affiliated national parties. We live in
interesting times and although the Conservatives have very little to lose in
terms of popularity north of the border, the Liberal Democrats and Labour
could well be bracing themselves for a seismic shift in fortunes in areas of
historical strength. This may bode well for the SNP, but it may also revive
interest in the smaller parties and independent candidates.

A political movement now experiencing a surge of support and political gains
across Europe is the Pirate Party. Despite the somewhat amusing moniker,
this movement is attracting many who are disillusioned with the high-handed
dictates of the political elite and their apparent attacks on personal privacy and
human rights.

The pirates have now landed in the UK and will be fielding candidates in Scotland.

Pirate Party Interview

Pirate Party 2

Editing: Fiona Greig

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (www.smartsound.com/royalty-free-music/incompetech)





Photograph courtesy of Philip Hunt




Sweet n’ Low Def

Apart from being a talented film maker in his own right, Paul Maguire is keen to encourage others to create their own little pieces of cinema by participating in the compact and bijou Low Def Film and Video night in Leith at the end of November.

To hear his recent chat with Fiona Greig, to find Paul’s contact details and how to participate in Low Def, use the links provided below. With free entry to the festival and the screening night there is no excuse not to have a go or just come along to watch. See you there…

LowDef – Paul Maguire interview


Doune The Rabbit Hole With Ed Stack


Killer Bunnies and Kaftans?

Ed Stack gives us a quick run down of where to find the holy grail of retro at the end of July – in Stirlingshire, of all places. Doune Castle hosts a plethora of acts including: Mersault, Withered Hand, Hidden Masters, Lipsync For A Lullaby amongst many others. Apart from the musical contributors there were will be performance poetry, open mic, philosophical musings and no doubt quite a few punters re-enacting some Monty Python gags…

Said “happening” is at the tail-end of July so you still have time to invest in a ticket n’ tent. You can find more details on their lovely swirly psychadelic site: http://dounetherabbithole.co.uk

There promises to be some fine tunes, virtuous nibbles AND it’s all in a good cause – check out the website for some nifty animation too.

Mr Ed

He’s no slow pony is Mr Stack, but a non-stop messenger of music and general niceness and we hope to find out what Ten Tracks has in store for us in Embra throughout August. Much of it will no doubt take place at the Roxy – but we shall stay tuned…

Exclusive! Campfires In Winter as promised…

Campfires In Winter June 2010


Well this IS exclusive to the blog – for the next 3-4 hours anyway. I had a chat with CiW and their manager, Lloyd Meredith of peenko fame the other day in a very noisy room at Leith FM. You may notice some choice ambient sounds in the background from time to time, but it was a nice wee blether none the less. We would have melted if the window had been closed!

The guys provided a couple of tracks, as listed below and will be appearing at The Liquid Ship in Glasgow on Thursday 1st July – a free event, if you are up for the trip.

…but not for long?

I’m hoping to have this chat broadcast on Leith Talk (Thursday 1st July edition), with Alan Dudley – so I better get those proverbial wheelie shoes on…



Ed Stack on Ten Tracks…

Ed Stack chats about Ten Tracks and the DIY scene in Edinburgh…we’re not talking wallpaper…

Track 1 – Lamplighter: Construction

Track 2 – Hauschka: Rode Null

Track 3 – Lypsync For a Lullaby: The Unicorn’s Lament



Ed Stack Interview – complete

Interview with Euan McMeeken of The Kays Lavelle

Three wonderful tracks and a chat with vocalist Euan – first broadcast on Leith Talk (13th April).

Track 1 – The Hours

Track 2 – Ten Times

Track 3 – Aftermath

Euan M – The Kays Lavelle

Interview: The Last Battle

The Last Battle – Full Interview and Session

A great wee session and chat that I’ve been promising to post for about a month – better late, than never!

Interview with Andy Farina of Unique Beats

Unique Beats: Interview with Andy Farina

Track 1 – Bitparts: Fractal Pants

Track 2 – Engine 7: Tempertantrum

Track 3 – IG88: Poisson D’Avril

Details – www.uniquebeats.co.uk

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