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Films 4 U

There has been a fair bit of interest in the Paul Maguire interview from a couple of weeks ago and I thought a small reminder would not be unwelcome. The third Low Def Film and Video Night will take place on Thursday 24th November.

 The poster speaks for itself but you can still access my chat with Paul from the blog.

Sweet n’ Low Def

Apart from being a talented film maker in his own right, Paul Maguire is keen to encourage others to create their own little pieces of cinema by participating in the compact and bijou Low Def Film and Video night in Leith at the end of November.

To hear his recent chat with Fiona Greig, to find Paul’s contact details and how to participate in Low Def, use the links provided below. With free entry to the festival and the screening night there is no excuse not to have a go or just come along to watch. See you there…

LowDef – Paul Maguire interview


Poetry In Motion

Any budding film-makers should take a look at thiscollection.org. The project has amassed one hundred Edinburgh-centric pieces of poetry and then encouraged people to film reponses to the works.

One screening has already been successfully staged at the Forest Café and another is due for late March, so there is still time and poems to spare, for a contribution to the cine-fest.

Leith has been represented in both poetry and film with no less than three works already completed for the project: Lunchtime In Leith by Martin Raymond and Landlocked In The Port Of Leith by Simon Jackson, to name two…

There are still pieces to film and anyone with Scorcese tendencies or an Aronofsky bent (sounds painful) are welcome to join the fray. A number of film and poetry workshops have been and are still taking place at the community section of Tollcross Primary School if you feel you need extra skills or encouragement from the project leader – an irrepressible lady called Stefanie Tan. Resist her enthusiasm if you dare!

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