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Do It In Public

Out in the open

Listen to Lisa Jeffrey of  The Wasteland Collective convince us to ‘Do It In Public’ at their upcoming exhibition. Details of the where and the when can be found below, along with various contact details for the environmentally aware, the terminally curious, or just plain pervy….yes that’s you…we knew the title would get you!

Exhibition poster

Exhibition poster


Do It In Public Interview

Do It In Public

Tent Gallery

Evolution House 78 West Port

Edinburgh EH1 2LE

Friday 19th July from 5-7pm 

The exhibition runs until Friday 26th July.


twitter @wastelands2013


Music: Double Drift by Kevin MacLeod



The Awkward Hello, Handshake, Kiss…

The Awkward Hello, Handshake, Kiss

Hiva Oa, a multi-national three-piece based in Edinburgh continue the already fine tradition in excellent artists attached to mini50 records.

On September 7th they release their first album,  ‘The Awkward Hello, Handshake, Kiss’. After the fantastically brooding single ‘Badger’, released earlier this year, the album is something to be anticipated with relish.

Two of the three band members recorded an interview (link below), at the end of August and expound on their origins, the forthcoming album launch and how difficult some people find it to categorize their material – including themselves!

Find links to the band after the interview and the atmospheric video to ‘Badger’. Enjoy…







Pop Goes the Poet…Jesus, Baby!

Neu! Reekie! multi-platformed performance night adds more strings to its bow releasing a single and simultaneously launching a record label this coming weekend. The double-A side single is officially released on August 1st but you can attend the label launch in Edinburgh or Glasgow, or both if you feel so inclined!

Check out the details on their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/neureekie

Thanks to Michael Pedersen for the interview which can be accessed with the following link.


Under Light and Shadow




Xara and Ruei

Our two protagonistas.

Leith is  awash with entertainment and activity and I’m not one to complain about it. Instead, I’ll point anyone who is willing to listen in the direction of art, music, culture and maybe even a good time for good measure.

Next weekend sees Out of the Blue Drill Hall play host to alternative film event: Under Light and Shadow. You can listen to my interview with it’s organisers here and find links for more details and how to participate. No Saturday need be a dull one in the Port…and I don’t mean the bar, although…









For more information please contact Hara Vlahou: xarablaxou@gmail.com

Under Light and Shadow Interview

Recorded and edited by Fiona Greig


Music by Chris Zabriskie – Out of the Skies, Under the Earth

<div xmlns:cc=”http://creativecommons.org/ns#” xmlns:dct=”http://purl.org/dc/terms/” about=”http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Chris_Zabriskie/Reappear/03_-_Out_of_the_Skies_Under_the_Earth”><span property=”dct:title”>Out of the Skies, Under the Earth</span> (<a rel=”cc:attributionURL” property=”cc:attributionName” href=”http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Chris_Zabriskie/”>Chris Zabriskie</a>) / <a rel=”license” href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/”>CC BY 3.0</a></div>


Pirate Party Ahoy…

At the beginning of May, voters across the country will have the opportunity
to elect a raft of new civic leaders to their respective councils. In doing so
they can display their satisfaction or displeasure with the performance of both
grass-roots candidates and their affiliated national parties. We live in
interesting times and although the Conservatives have very little to lose in
terms of popularity north of the border, the Liberal Democrats and Labour
could well be bracing themselves for a seismic shift in fortunes in areas of
historical strength. This may bode well for the SNP, but it may also revive
interest in the smaller parties and independent candidates.

A political movement now experiencing a surge of support and political gains
across Europe is the Pirate Party. Despite the somewhat amusing moniker,
this movement is attracting many who are disillusioned with the high-handed
dictates of the political elite and their apparent attacks on personal privacy and
human rights.

The pirates have now landed in the UK and will be fielding candidates in Scotland.

Pirate Party Interview

Pirate Party 2

Editing: Fiona Greig

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (www.smartsound.com/royalty-free-music/incompetech)





Photograph courtesy of Philip Hunt




Zut Alors! Robots Invade Lothian Street…

New single from My Tiny Robots

Thought I might try my hand at spewing out a tenuous, tabloid style headline – worryingly, I found it a little too easy…

However, what I allude to is of more satisfying fare than you would find in your bog-standard red top. This coming weekend sees the launch of the new single from Edinburgh four piece My Tiny Robots at the Ten Tracks (familiar presence on FHF) base – The Third Door (formerly Medina on Lothian Street). The crossword puzzlers amongst you may have already surmised that Zut Alors is the title of the single and my hack-u-like titular reference.


Ed Stack of Ten Tracks has graced the blog several times in the past and has always served up some damn fine and varied musical delectation. This would appear to be of the usual high standard. If you are in any doubt, have a listen to the re-mix of the Robots’ single by HeeX on SoundCloud.

With a wee bit of luck and favourable winds – we look to speak with the lads about the single and general world domination plans for 2012 – to be served up on FHF as an audio interview in the very near future. If master plate-spinner Ed Stack can find time, we hope that he too can bring the non-initiated up to speed on The Third Door and it’s numerous forthcoming events.

This could shape up to be a wondrous year, unless you are convinced of the more absolute translation of the Mayan prediction for December 2012. Hey, if it’s true we should all party like it’s….you get the general drift?

Look out for more local issues, events and enquiry here on FHF and hoping you and yours are enjoying a fine start to the year!

Video Loves the Radio Star: My Tiny Robots Single Launch

Saturday 14 January – 19.00 – 22.30

The Third Door

45-47 Lothian Street Edinburgh








Films 4 U

There has been a fair bit of interest in the Paul Maguire interview from a couple of weeks ago and I thought a small reminder would not be unwelcome. The third Low Def Film and Video Night will take place on Thursday 24th November.

 The poster speaks for itself but you can still access my chat with Paul from the blog.

Fatal Road Accident

Salamander Street and Elbe Street have been temporarily cordoned off by police after a fatal road crash at approximately 1840 this evening.

Local residents from Salamander Court tried to free the unconscious driver before emergency services arrived. Paramedics then attempted to resuscitate the man at the scene but were unable to do so.

There does not appear to have been another vehicle involved as the car mounted the pavement at speed, taking down a lamppost before smashing into the wall of a block of flats at Salamander Court.  There were no other casualties.

Anyone who witnessed the crash should contact the local police with details.

Sweet n’ Low Def

Apart from being a talented film maker in his own right, Paul Maguire is keen to encourage others to create their own little pieces of cinema by participating in the compact and bijou Low Def Film and Video night in Leith at the end of November.

To hear his recent chat with Fiona Greig, to find Paul’s contact details and how to participate in Low Def, use the links provided below. With free entry to the festival and the screening night there is no excuse not to have a go or just come along to watch. See you there…

LowDef – Paul Maguire interview


Marmalade Morsels

It is common to see empty or bill-posted shop fronts pretty much everywhere these days and Leith is no different. So, it is heartening to see places being revamped and doors reopening.

After a couple of months of floor-stripping, refitting and exterior painting, which most natives will have noticed on their perambulations up and down Bernard Street, the café Marmalade has finally opened it’s doors.

The café maybe a new venture but owner Bobby-Jo is not new to the business of food, or indeed the area, as the parent of Marmalade is none other than her established corporate catering company Tickety-Boo round the corner on Maritime Street. With over twenty years experience under her belt Bobby-Jo decided to give her food a more public outlet. “Not only corporate people like good food, but local people do too,” she says in passing. As she whizzes in and out of the café from one business to the other, she displays an almost zealous energy in her mission to feed the local populace.

Upon her exit, the café is left in the capable, friendly hands of her staff – which constituted the attentive Carolyn and Rachel upon my first visit there. The girls were chatty, without being overbearing or forced, paid attention to the details of what I desired in a cup of coffee, (not that I’m fussy or anything) and helpful. The homebakes were head-turning, much to my consternation and it was a struggle to allow myself just a scone with jam, as the calorific spread was of the guilt-laden variety with gleaming jam-tarts, sweet roulades and a cake-lovers’ dream in general. The Americano coffee was gorgeous, almost strong enough to put hairs on one’s chest without a hint of bitterness and the scone, moist and fruity.

Marmalade boasts the obligatory design-your-own sandwich bar, along with ready to eat sandwiches, boxed salads and soft drinks along with a daily changed special board of Bobby-Jo’s handiwork with pieces of chicken quiche that were not under 4 inches thick, sea food and meat risotto, macaroni, crumbed chicken and Spanish style stuffed aubergines. Indeed, a number of the dishes and deli/sandwich fillers boasted a Mediterranean theme and all at prices that are easily comparable or lower in price to other local cafés and bars.

Bobby-Jo has not stuffed the place with tables and chairs and feels spacious and relaxed. Obviously, the café has just been revamped and is fresh and clean, but the dark wooden tables and chairs are deceptively comfortable. There is room to move in Marmalade, room for your (and a companion’s) plate of food and room to sit back, enjoy a lovely cup of coffee and have a blether without the entire place managing to eavesdrop, or jostle your table in the passing.

The girls are also planning a Twitter page, so you can find out the daily specials before you embark on your lunchtime scramble to find sustenance.  Alternatively, just amble in for a cake and a coffee.

Needless to say, I’ll be back…

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